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Skillberry is a global IT company with HQ in Poland. We provide full cycle software development services.

Professionals with more than 11 years of experience in IT engineering and management decided to build a Skillberry company as a hub for empowering businesses with the implementation and configuration of robust IT products.

Currently the team of 100+ Skillberry developers are helping customers worldwide to succeed.

Skillberry team is driven by the client success. There is no inconsiderable project for us.

We are at your disposal whether there is a backlog to clear or a dedicated team of experts is required to build a scalable enterprise solution from scratch.

Completed projects
Years of Expertise
Global customers
    We provide full cycle Software Development Services.

    • Web
    • Mobile
    • Cloud
    • Custom Desktop Application Development
    • Enterprise SD
    • Software integration
    • API Development
    • UI/UX Design
    • Others

    We have a fully staffed teams of Senior & Middle engineers with vast expertise.

    • Front-end Developers
    • Back-end Developers
    • Mobile Developers
    • UI/UX Designers
    • Devops
    • QA
    It involves the temporary recruitment of specialists to extend the productivity of the in-house development.

    Check out our teams skills.

    We assure excellence from the earliest stages and through out the project.

    • Automation testing
    • Manual testing

Our team will dive deep into a problem, provide actionable insight, and execute with discipline and speed. We deliver solutions with ruthless efficiency tempered by radical transparency.

Extend your expertise in trending technologies for fintech like artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning. Outsource software development company to hire dedicated teams and get rapid scale-up capabilities for quick time-to-market.
Our expertise allows us to deliver the software addressing the key healthcare industry challenges. We are a software development company with experience in building medical error filing systems, funding for medical research, and sensing platforms used in clinical trials.
We have experience building blockchain solutions for digital assets, real estate purchasing platforms, voting apps, binary options platforms, crypto wallets, and crowd sales. Our blockchain development service and expertise allow us to design and build applications addressing specific-industry challenges.

Retail & Ecommerce
Improve your core processes and prepare for digitalization using our expertise in e-commerce, CRM and ERP, predictive analytics, point of sale (POS). Our IT development company develops software to attract more customers and enhance your brand’s loyalty.

Skillberry team can create and optimize logistics-related platforms concerning your challenges. Get a 360-degree view of your business with custom solutions for fleet management, procurement, supply chain, document flow, CRM, and accounting.

To stay ahead of the curve, organizations need to take monotony out of traditional learning patterns and embrace a digital strategy. Skillberry team can help you enhance the quality of learning through transformative digital solutions rooted in technology. We work with companies as well as educational institutions to enhance productivity, retention, and engagement through gamified eLearning and mLearning solutions.
Key Domains
We will help you to become a better designer
Financial sector
Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving
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Information architecture is the art and science of structuring and organizing information
It is a form of solution-based thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result
Some of reviews and user cases
  • Skillberry provided top tech expertise and resources. Their high level of engagement and exceptional communication skills resulted in seamless collaboration. The team not only provided significant expertise but also offered flexibility to ensure a successful partnership.

    Project summary:
    Skillberry provided full stack Java developers and QA specialists for a set of internal projects.
    MODEL: Staff Augmentation

    Duration: 12 months

    Team: 4 Dev + 6 QA

    Arseniy Grusha, New-York
  • Skillberry successfully migrated improved processes, cutting down costs and waiting time. Their organized, proactive, and communicative approach resulted in a smooth partnership. Considering the project’s complexity, the technical expertise they displayed was impressive.
    Project summary:
    Skillberry helped a healthcare company to migrate existing bpm system with a help our of .NET team to the new technological stack with simultaneous processes transformation.
    MODEL: Dedicated Team

    Duration: 8 months

    Team: 5 Dev

    Zhanna Grig, Druskininkai
    Project Manager Druskininkai Sanatorium
  • Skillberry successfully completed our MVP. Stakeholders were pleased with the team's work, and they appreciated that the team provided tailored solutions to their needs. In addition, the team was commended for their remarkable creativity and reasonable pricing.
    Project summary:
    Skillberry created an MVP for a startup in Healthcare industry. We handled the UX/UI design of their product. The team also worked on the layout, content, and wireframes. We used Figma to create the designs.
    Model: Dedicated Team

    Duration: 3 month

    Team: 2 Des + 1 Dev

    Julie Zar, Vilnius
    Product Manager Helpiki
  • The team delivers high-quality, thoroughly-tested development work on time and at great value. They manage every stage of a project with ease and transparency.

    Project summary:

    Skillberry team has built an onboarding platform for a logistics company with React and Java teams. We were handling both front- and backend development.

    Model: Dedicated Team

    Duration: 18 month

    Team: 2 UX/UI + 2 BA + 4 DEV + 6 QA

    Konstantin Samarskov, Kaunas
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